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Cancellation and Refund Policy

( MarwadiSambandh Pvt Ltd ) herein referred as MSPL www.MarwadiSambandh.com strives to serve the customers even when they choose to cancel or return any service. Our members have the complete ownership of the account and can cancel their ownership with us with the help of account options provided. They can even opt for the temporarily deactivation service that we provide to our customers. The account is for sole and exclusive use only. The membership cannot be transferred or assigned to another person.

This project is a dream aspiration initiated by a few Marwadi women social- preneurs (social entrepreneurs) with the sole aim to make a process of identifying a right partner, hassle free.

Marwadi Sambandh offers a unique platform for Marwadi women to satisfy their professional desire and gain social recognition.

Marwadi Sambandh operates chiefly as a SaS (Socializing as a Service) using innovative tools and latest IT infrastructure. Powered by cutting-edge technology, we have an easy-to-access and user-friendly web interface that provides you the best match-making experience.

An online community forum, we have a huge network of bio-data, across India that has been filtered to help you find the right match.

Register your profile with us now to avail unmatched benefits of personalized services.

Cancellation of Membership

Members can withdraw their MSPL membership anytime by simply logging into their profile and by following the steps to deactivate their profile.

Refund Policy

A member who wants to cancel his membership and avail the refund of membership fee must have not utilized his/her membership by viewing the phone number of any of the profiles. He/she is eligible for the refund of the Membership Fee (after deducting transactional and service tax as applicable). Such members shall give us the reason for cancellation of MSPL matrimonial within 7 days of purchase of membership. Cancellation and refund requests shall be sent to info@marwadisambandh.com

If the member has viewed one or more phone numbers, the membership fee will not be refunded. However, MSPL would review the reason(s) behind the cancellation of membership and may issue a refund depending upon case to case.

Mode of refund and Timeframe:

Refunds will be processed to your bank account only through NEFT transfer and may take up to15 business days. No refund will be done through cash mode.

Please contact us at info@marwadisambandh.com regarding this service agreement.