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About Us

Marwadisambandh.com is an online matrimonial portal to help people find their Marwadi soul mates.

This project is a dream aspiration initiated by a few Marwadi women social- preneurs (social entrepreneurs) with the sole aim to make a process of identifying a right partner, hassle free;

Marwadi Sambandh offers a unique platform for Marwadi women to satisfy their professional desire and gain social recognition.

Marwadi Sambandh operates chiefly as a SaS (Socializing as a Service) using innovative tools and latest IT infrastructure. Powered by cutting-edge technology, we have an easy-to-access and user-friendly web interface that provides you the best match-making experience.

An online community forum, we have a huge network of bio-data, across India that has been filtered to help you find the right match.

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Our Vision and Mission

With a simple objective to make the match-making process a happy experience, Marwadisambandh.com focuses on helping you find the right match. This further helps avoid any mental distress caused due to rejections.